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Folkart handycraft shop

Our shop is the only folk art shop in Hungary, which offers a full range of traditional handicrafts.

We are waiting for our guests with more than 35 years of experience in the center of Budapest at Régiposta u. No. 12 at the Folkart Craft House.

We offer a wide selection of glazed, unglazed and black pots, traditional embroidery, delicate handicrafts, fish lace, woven tablecloths, pillows, saddle curtains, filter mats, dolls, male eggs, costumes, foal bottles, wooden and bone carvings and handicrafts made with modern, traditional techniques and traditional patterns.

Our products are all jury works.

Our goal is to provide a complete overview of the material culture of our country and all regions of the Carpathian Basin, to preserve and keep alive our rich heritage for future generations.

When I started my career, there were more than 80 stores like ours in Hungary, today there are two, but ours is the only one with such a selection of goods.

Written by the owner of Foltkart Handycraft shop

Folkart handycraft shop Comment

  1. Termékeink mind zsűrizett alkotások.
    Célunk teljes áttekintést nyújtani országunk és a Kárpát-medence minden tájegységének tárgyi kultúrájáról, megőrizni, életben tartani gazdag örökségünket az utánunk következő generációk számára.

    Amikor pályámat kezdtem, több mint 80 miénkhez hasonló bolt volt Magyarországon, ma kettő, de ilyen áruválasztékkal a miénk az egyetlen.

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